Store Policies and FAQs - Cisco Technology Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’m new to this program. Who can explain to me how to use the site and its features?

 A. You can join one of our orientation sessions that take place every Tuesday and Thursday. Please note that you will have to register at least 24 hours prior to attending any such session. You may also view the Virtual Tour video located in the blue navigation bar at any time.

Q. Can I review my Cisco Technology Training learning history?

 A. To see a list of learning modules you've accessed through Cisco Technology Training, click on the View Learning History link located in the top navigation bar. The results will display titles, access count, and last accessed date for each of the learning modules you viewed. You may also preview some of the content you accessed by clicking on the View Content button, located to the right of each learning module title.

Q. I just looked at some training content. Why can’t I see it in my Learning History?

 A. Learning History is updated on a nightly basis. If you accessed a learning module today, you will see an updated Learning History tomorrow.

Q. I’ve accessed some learning modules in the past and I see the titles in my Learning History as ‘no longer available.’ Why can’t I launch them anymore?

 A. Cisco Technology Training strives to be relevant to the market needs. As part of this effort, we occasionally remove outdated content. While you and your company’s administrator will see such content in your learning history, you will no longer be able to view the modules.

Q. How many times can I access a learning title?

 A. During your subscription period to Cisco Technology Training, you can access any learning module to which you are entitled as many times as you need.

Q. Can I share my login information with my colleagues?

 A. No. Your account in Cisco Technology Training belongs to you. It is not transferrable.

Q. Will my company be able to view my training history?

 A. Yes. Your company's portal administrator(s) will have the 'read' rights to your learning history. Administrator reports are updated on a weekly basis.

Q. How do I find training on a topic?

 A. To locate training on a specific topic, you may use a Search box in the top right corner of your screen to type in relevant search term(s). Alternatively, you may use a Category search by selecting one or several training topics in each menu window located in the center of your screen. Refer to the Virtual Tour tutorial for more information and tips.

Q. When do I use the Search box vs. the Category search?

 A. Category search is best used when you know on which training you want to focus or would like to see available options under Product or Technology, Training, and Delivery Method menus as you narrow down your selection criteria. Search box is recommended when you want to structure your search results around a topic of interest.

Q. How do I schedule a lab?

 A. You can schedule a Remote Hands-on Lab by clicking on the Schedule a Lab button under the Overview tab of a Remote Hands-on Lab information page. However, most Remote Hands-on Labs inside the Cisco Technology Training portal do not require scheduling and can simply be launched from the Overview tab.

Q. Can I use Cisco Technology Training to study for my Cisco Certification?

 You may find that many learning modules in the portal are good supplemental training for your Cisco Certification study. However, to locate certification-focused training information, refer to the Certifications section of The Cisco Learning Network.

Q. Can I download or print the training materials?

 A. Our online training materials should not be downloaded and printed. All Cisco Technology Training content is copyrighted material of Cisco Systems, Inc. Refer to the Terms & Conditions document for more information.

Q. I have feedback about this program or site. How can I submit it?

 A. You may use the Contact Us link in the top navigation bar of every portal page, where you can provide any feedback you wish. Alternatively, you may choose to answer our poll question located in the left-side navigation pane of your portal’s homepage as well as provide a star-based rating for any of the learning modules you’ve accessed, provided that you launched them from their associated E-Course page.

Q. Who do I contact if I cannot access a lab or a title?

 A. Please send an email to or click on the Contact Us link in the blue navigation bar describing your problem or any question you may have. Someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours in a regular business week.