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Store Policies and FAQs - M-Learning Modules - Installation and Access

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cisco M-Learning?

The Cisco M-Learning system includes mobile learning modules that are available for purchase from the Cisco Learning Network Store. A Cisco M-Learning viewer is required to play content on mobile devices.

What is the Cisco M-Learning viewer?

The Cisco M-Learning viewer is necessary for watching a mobile learning module on a mobile device, such as an Apple iPhone or BlackBerry device. There are separate viewers for Mac computers and PCs.

How do I get the M-Learning viewer for my Apple iPhone or Apple iPod touch?

The Cisco M-Learning viewer for the Apple iPhone or Apple iPod touch is available from the Apple iTunes App Store. There are two ways to download it:

From iTunes:

  • Click iTunes Store, and then search for Cisco M-Learning.
  • Click the Free button and log in to iTunes to download the application.
  • Sync iTunes with your iPhone or iPod touch to get the Cisco M-Learning app onto your iPhone or iPod touch.

From your iPhone or iPod touch:

  • Touch the App Store icon.
  • Search for Cisco M-Learning.
  • Touch the Free button, and then touch Install.
  • Enter your iTunes password to begin the download.

How do I get the M-Learning viewer for my Android device?

  • Touch the Market icon
  • Search for Cisco M-Learning
  • Install the M-Learning app

How do I get the viewer for a PC or Mac?

Download the viewer for a PC:

Download the viewer for a Mac:

How do I get the viewer for BlackBerry?

Download the viewer for BlackBerry OS v5.x.x.x.

How do I get mobile learning modules?

Cisco M-Learning mobile learning modules are available from the Cisco Learning Network store.  

What is an ".araloc" file? (PC and Mac only)

On your PC or Mac, you may notice files with an ".araloc" extension. These encoded files are the actual mobile learning modules that can only be viewed using the Cisco M-Learning application. 

What do I do if I get the error message, ?HTML5 content is not supported with your version of Java. Please install Java 1.7 update 5 or earlier??


Java 1.7 update 6 and higher have known issues not present in update 5. Uninstall all versions of Java from update 6 and higher and install the 32 bit version of Java 1.7 update 5 (file jre-7u5-windows-i586.exe, Windows x86 Offline) from the Oracle archive website. The viewer requires the 32 bit version of Java even on a 64 bit operating system.

My control panel indicates I have Java 1.7 update 5 installed but I still get the error message stating it is not supported.

The viewer requires the 32 bit version of Java even on a 64 bit operating system. Install the 32 bit version of Java 1.7 update 5 (file jre-7u5-windows-i586.exe, Windows x86 Offline) from the Oracle archive website.

I uninstalled Java and installed the correct version but now the Quick Learning Module (QLM) won?t open at all.

Uninstalling Java breaks the association with the QLM and the viewer. Reinstall the viewer from ?How do I get the viewer for a PC or Mac?? in the M-Learning Modules FAQ.

How do I get my mobile learning module after purchasing it?

After your purchase, you will receive an email with your order number, download instructions, and a link. Start on the device where you want to download the mobile learning module (that is, your mobile device or computer), and click the link in the email to connect to the Cisco Learning Network store Order Status & History page.


When using my mobile device, how do I find the mobile learning modules that I just purchased?

On your mobile device, open the Cisco M-Learning viewer and navigate to the name of the provider who sold your mobile learning module to you.

Touch that provider's name, and you will see a list of the mobile learning modules that you purchased.

Touch the name of a mobile learning module to begin playing that module, or touch the blue arrow to see details about the mobile learning module.

What is my Cisco M-Learning username?

Your Cisco M-Learning username is the same username that you used when signing in to the Cisco Learning Network.

What hardware do I need to run the Cisco M-Learning app?

The Cisco M-Learning viewer runs on the Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch, and select BlackBerry devices.

Can I use iTunes or BlackBerry Device Manager to put the PC or Mac version of a Cisco M-Learning mobile learning module (.araloc file) on my mobile device?

The file type .araloc is for viewing mobile learning modules on PC and Mac computers only. You can load mobile learning modules without this file extension directly from your hand-held device via the Cisco Learning Network Store.

Can I download mobile learning modules over a 3G network?

Most Cisco M-Learning modules are large enough to exceed your carrier’s bandwidth restrictions for downloads over a 3G network. Therefore, it may be necessary for you to download your mobile learning modules while your mobile device is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

What happens if I try to download a Cisco M-Learning module over a 3G network?

If the file is larger than the maximum file size that is allowed by your carrier, you will get an error message indicating that the file is too large to be downloaded over 3G. You will then be encouraged to connect to Wi-Fi.

Can I view my mobile learning modules offline?

Yes, you can view a Cisco M-Learning module offline once you have already downloaded and activated that learning module. (For the initial activation, you must be online so that the Cisco M-Learning viewer can verify your credentials.)

How long do I have access to a mobile learning module?

Once you have downloaded and activated your mobile learning module, you may view it as often as you wish with no expiration. 

How do I activate a Cisco M-Learning module?

The first time that you try to play a newly downloaded M-Learning module, you will be asked for your Cisco Learning Network username. Entering that username will activate the M-Learning module for that device.

How many times may I activate a purchased Cisco M-Learning module for a mobile device?

While you may watch your mobile learning module an unlimited number of times, you may only activate it on a specified number of devices as indicated in your registration confirmation email. Typically, this is between three and five devices.

I accidentally deleted my Cisco M-Learning module from my mobile device. Can I download it again?

Yes, you can download your purchased mobile learning module again to the same device, and it will not count against the maximum activations limit.

Do I have to sign in with my username every time that I wish to view a Cisco M-Learning module?

No, once you have already activated a mobile learning module, you will not need to sign in again in order to view that module.

Can I limit the storage space that the Cisco M-Learning viewer uses?

Yes, you can set a storage limit on the M-Learning viewer Settings screen. The Cisco M-Learning application will not store any additional mobile learning modules that exceed this limit.

How do I delete mobile learning modules from my device?

On your mobile device, open the Cisco M-Learning viewer and navigate to the name of the provider who sold your mobile learning module to you.


Touch that provider's name, and you will see a list of the mobile learning modules that you purchased.


Next, select the Edit button at the top of the screen. Tap the delete icon (a red circle) next to a specific mobile learning module to bring up a Delete button, and then press the Delete button to delete that module.

Can I resize pictures in the Cisco M-Learning viewer?

No, the mobile learning modules are not resizable.

Will I be able to download Cisco M-Learning modules when I am within a firewall?

Yes, your ability to download M-Learning modules should work within most firewalls. If you are having a problem, you may need to configure your firewall to recognize the Cisco M-Learning viewer as an allowed program.

What do I do if my login to activate a Cisco M-Learning module for the first time does not work?

Your login is your Cisco Learning Network login. If your login fails, make sure that you are typing the username correctly, and that you are connected to the Internet via a cellular or Wi-Fi network.

I've download the video viewer for Mac, but instead of opening, it bounces a few times in my dock, and then disappears. Why is it doing this?

In order to launch the video viewer for Mac, please make sure that your application settings are configured to 32-bit mode viewing. To set your application settings to 32-bit mode, please follow these steps:

  1. Open Finder.
  2. Select the Applications folder.
  3. Right click (or hold down Control+one mouse click) on the AralocViewer application.
  4. Select Get Info from the menu.
  5. In the Info window, place a checkmark in the box labeled Open in 32-bit mode.
  6. Close the Info window.

For BlackBerry Devices Only

System Requirements:

  1. The mobile device must be running BlackBerry operating system v5.x.x. *Please note: Due to the number of BlackBerry devices, the number of carriers, the variation in the BlackBerry OS among the different carriers, and the frequency of OS changes, please complete the content test to verify your BlackBerry device can load the Cisco M-Learning viewer and associated learning content.
  2. Complete the Cisco M-Learning operating system test from your mobile device. If you can see this video clip, your BlackBerry device is compatible with the Cisco M-Learning viewer and the associated learning modules.
  3. The BlackBerry device must have Wi-Fi that is enabled and turned on.
  4. The BlackBerry device must have a memory card inserted.

How do I find my operating system version?

Finding the operating system version depends on the device, but typically it is in the Options menu. From the Options menu, select, About, or choose Tools then Settings, then choose About. The OS version should be in one of the first four lines and appear as "v5.x.x.x".

I downloaded the Cisco M-Learning app. Where is it, and how do I start it?

The app is in the Downloads folder. To start it, go to the Downloads folder and click the icon to run.

I removed my memory card from my BlackBerry device and now Cisco M-Learning no longer works.

The learning modules are stored on the memory card. If you remove the card, the app will not be able to access the learning modules.

I have purchased a learning module and clicked the link to download it, but the download will not start or I get an error message.

You must have a memory card that is inserted in your BlackBerry device, and you must have Wi-Fi enabled. If you do not have a memory card that is inserted or Wi-Fi is not turned on, you will not be able to download learning modules.

The app will not load / The app asks permission to load but then exits while trying to save permissions.

This application requires the "Security Timer Reset" permission to be enabled under "Interactions."  This setting is used to prevent the screen from entering sleep mode while watching protected content. If your phone is now, or was ever associated with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) then a policy may have been set that denies the ability to change the necessary permission, and you may have to ask your network/BlackBerry administrator to enable this setting before you install the application.

My BlackBerry has locked up while playing Cisco M-Learning content, what do I do?

For BlackBerry hardware support, please visit the official support site of Research in Motion (RIM) to view information about BlackBerry fixes:  http://na.blackberry.com/eng/support/.

Whom do I contact if I have any additional questions about my Cisco M-Learning viewer or mobile learning modules?

Please contact the Cisco Learning Network store support team via click-to-chat.

What browsers can I use to view my learning module?

Supported browsers vary by product. We communicate the supported configurations and operating environments in the product descriptions and in the registration confirmation emails so learners know in advance what is required to view the training. We develop learning modules to optimize the student?s engagement and interaction with the learning material and to enhance the learning experience. Sometimes these elements require application development features that are not currently supported on all browsers.

Why am I unable to view my learning module using Internet Explorer?

While Internet Explorer is a popular browser, some of our learning modules employ the newest features provided by HTML5 to optimize engagement and interaction and to enhance the learning experience. Browser compliance with the HTML5 specification varies significantly, and this learning module uses features that are not currently supported with Internet Explorer.

Why are there both downloadable and streaming versions of my learning module?

Our intent is to provide maximum flexibility to view the learning modules. If the learning management system displays downloadable as well as streaming versions of the learning module, we have provided multiple browser versions to support a variety of operating environments at no additional cost.

Why am I experiencing an issue with the latest version of Java and my learning module?

There is a known issue with the Java v1.7 builds 6 and 7. These Java updates have introduced issues with the Java runtime. Using an earlier version, such as Java v1.7 build 5, should correct the issue.

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