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Frequently Asked Questions

The following subscription-based products are covered by this FAQ:

Managing UCS Domains at Scale with Cisco UCS Central (DCUCCEN) v1.0

Q: When does the subscription period begin for my Cisco E-Learning?

A: Subscription starts immediately from the time of purchase. If you pre-ordered prior to product availability, it starts from the date of product availability. 

System Requirements


Q: What are the system requirements for this product?

A. Supported systems include:

  • Any PC running Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks or higher
  • iPad 3 or better, and iPad Mini or better, running IOS 8 or higher
  • Newer Android tablet with HTML5 compliant browser. Note: Due to customizations by vendors, we cannot guarantee all Android tablets will work

Q. What browsers can I use with this e-learning course?

A. Supported browsers include:

  • Chrome v24 or better (recommended)
  • Internet Explorer v10 or v11
  • Firefox v17 or better
  • Safari v8 or better

Q: Are there any special browser settings I need to take this e-learning course?

A: Browsers must have Javascript enabled and pop-up blockers turned off.

Q: Can I access my e-learning from more than one device?

A: Yes. You can only use one device at a time, however, so be sure to log off one device before logging on to another device. The e-learning will pick up on the new device where you left off from the previous device.

Product Features

Q: Can I download the e-learning material and view it offline?

A: No. This product is intended to be used online only at this time.

Q: Can I print the e-learning contents?

A: This product was designed to be consumed online and does not provide print-ready study materials.

Q: Where can I go to check my progress? How can I tell how far along (in terms of percentage complete) that I am in the e-learning content?

A: Your progress can be viewed from your profile page. To reach your profile page, click on your name at the top of the left-hand navigation pane. In addition, once you complete an entire section, the title in the left-navigation pane will go from white to gray.

Q: How can I print a certificate of completion for this e-learning product?

A: Once you complete the course, you will have access to a page that allows you to print a certificate of completion. A course is completed by achieving a Bronze medal or higher in each Section.

Q: What are the various badge levels, and how do I achieve them?

A: At the end of each section, there is a challenge. You have an opportunity to receive a gold, silver, or bronze medal that is based on the number of questions that you answer correctly in a particular section.

Q: What is an achievement, and how do I receive one?

A: Achievements are "awards" that you can accumulate if you complete certain activities during the course. You will see a small popup on the top right of the page if you receive an achievement, or you can go to your profile page to see what you have earned.

Q: How can I retake an end-of-section challenge?

A: When returning to a summary challenge, you have the option to restart.


Q: Are Labs included with this product, and how do I access them?

A: Labs are not provided within the DCUCCEN E-Learning product, but you can do the Labs using Cisco dCloud platform. Information regarding how to access is provided within the product. When you access dCloud, you will be leaving the DCUCCEN E-learning environment to complete your hands-on work. You can return at any time to continue your E-Learning.

Q: How do I get support for the Labs?

A: The dCloud platform allows customers with a valid user ID to do lab exercises. If you are unable to find a suitable slot or need help accessing the platform, you will need to use the dCloud Help menu for support. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the actual lab steps or instruction provided to you within the e-learning product, you can contact the Cisco Learning Network Store team.


Q: I signed out of the e-learning course, and now I am ready to re-enter it where I left off. How do I do this?

A: You will automatically be returned to the point from where you left off.

Q: Where is the home button? How do I get back to the introduction page at the beginning of the e-learning course?

A: Clicking on the Cisco logo in the upper left corner of the screen will take you to the course introduction page.

Q: How do I return to the table of contents?

A: The table of contents is available by clicking on the icon at the top of the left-hand navigation pane.

Q: How do I get to the glossary?

A. Select a highlighted term within the primary content, and it will display the definition in the left-hand navigation pane. There is also an option to View in the glossary that gives you access to the entire glossary.

Q: How do I know which section I am in or what I have already completed?

A: Scroll through the left-hand navigation pane to find the expanded section with the color blue indicating the section that you are currently on. The section name is also shown at the top of the main content area.

Q: How do I use bookmarks?

A: To bookmark a page, select the icon at the top center of the page. The icon will change from an outline to a solid blue color. To remove a bookmark, simply click on it again and the icon will change from a solid blue color to an outline. To see all of your bookmarks, select the bookmark icon in the left-hand navigation pane. All saved bookmarks will be listed. Use the pencil icon next to a bookmark to make a note about the page.

Summary Challenges

Q: How do I leave a summary if I cannot finish or correctly answer all tasks and want to move to a different section?

A: Go to the table of contents icon at the top of the page to move to a different section.

Q: When I complete a multiple choice question and answer it incorrectly, how can I determine the correct answer?

A: If you scroll down on the page, you will be provided with the correct answer and, in some instances, a link back to information that you can review.

A: If you scroll down on the page, you will be provided with the correct answer and, in some instances, a link back to information that you can review.