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Cisco Expert-Level Training for CCIE Collaboration v1.0: Essentials Bundle Extension

CCIE Collaboration

Cisco Expert-Level Training for CCIE Collaboration v1.0: Essentials Bundle Extension

Access Duration:
183 days
Eligible for Cisco Learning Credit redemption!

The last day to test for the CCIE Collaboration v1.0 exams will be July 22, as of which, this training will be retired.

This product grants an additional 6-month subscription to the previously purchased Essentials Bundle and allows you to continue studying toward a prestigious CCIE certification without interruption.

When combined with the standard 18-month subscription, you will receive access to the self-study content for 24 months in total.

This product extends content expiry dates only. It gives you an opportunity to complete workbook labs and use your rack hours balance, perform assessment labs that were not taken during the original 18-month subscription, and access other self-study content like lessons-on-demand and the reference library. It does not reset already performed assessment labs, grant additional rack hours, or grant repeat class attendance with a Learning Partner.

The 6-month subscription extension requires previous purchase of the Cisco Expert-Level Training Program for CCIE Collaboration: Essentials Bundle. You may verify your previously purchased products in the My Account section of the Cisco Learning Network Store or you can inquire with the Cisco Expert-Level Training support team at expert-level-training@external.cisco.com.

The product includes a 6-month subscription. Learn more about Cisco Expert-Level Training for CCIE Collaboration.

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Cisco Expert-Level Training for CCIE Collaboration