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The Cisco Learning Network Store is the newest store on Cisco MarketPlace. Associated with the Cisco Learning Network, this store provides easy access to learning and training products for anyone interested in careers in networking.
This page offers important information on the Cisco Learning Network Store policies. It also answers common questions such as how to pay for products and services, how orders are processed, and how to get help. If you don’t find the information you need, please contact our customer service team by visiting the Contacts & Feedback page. You can also send us your Feedback or complete a customer satisfaction survey.
The Cisco Learning Network Store posts Customer Reviews for products sold in the store. Reviews are posted by product purchasers for current product versions. When new product versions are released older product version reviews are removed to aid customers in evaluating currently available products.


To log in to the store, you will need a Cisco.com ID. If you do not have a Cisco.com ID, you may create one at any time on the Cisco.com website. Click here to get started.

A Cisco.com account provides a seamless user experience across multiple Cisco sites and applications. In addition, once you have logged in with your Cisco.com ID, there are several tools and benefits that will improve and personalize your shopping experience at the store:
Shopping Cart. If you are logged in and need to leave during a shopping session, your shopping cart will be saved and returned to you the next time you enter the store.

Wish List. As you shop, you may find items that you are interested in but are not yet ready to buy. You can add these items to your wish list. Later, when you are ready to purchase, the wish list provides helpful links so that you can quickly locate whatever you want to add to your shopping cart. Of course, if you change your mind about an item, you can always remove it from the list.

Order Status & History. If you are logged in with your Cisco.com ID at the time of your purchase, or your Cisco.com ID was provided during an order on your behalf, your order information will be associated with your account and saved into your Order Status & History page. From here, you can view a list of all the products you have purchased (or that have been purchased for you), review the purchase details, and get access to your electronic downloads and/or services.

Product catalog. There are some products in the store that may be available only to certain audiences, such as Cisco Learning Partners. To view the catalog with these items included, you will need to be logged in with your Cisco.com account associated with the required level of access.

Auto-population of account information during checkout. Your shipping and billing information will be auto-completed for you using the information you have provided within your Cisco.com account profile.

Discounts. As with the product catalog, certain levels of access may also entitle you to special pricing. If you have multiple Cisco.com accounts, be certain to log in with the account you believe may be entitled to a discount. If you require assistance with your Cisco.com account, contact web-help@cisco.com.



As a company doing business in the state of California in the United States, we will charge taxes according to U.S. federal and state guidelines for the State of California. As such, all physical product orders shipped to destinations in California will have all applicable local and state sales taxes calculated at the time of payment processing. The tax charges will be viewable on your email order receipt or on your Order Status & History page if you were logged in at the time of the purchase.
International orders are not charged sales tax at the time of order. However, if you are an international customer, you will be responsible for paying any import duties and Value Add Tax (VAT) required by your government. You are responsible for knowing and paying your own local country and state tax and import requirements.


The Cisco Learning Network Store uses Federal Express for all physical product shipments from the store. Shipping costs are calculated by product weight, order destination, and the shipping service option you’ve selected. In your shopping cart, the charges will be calculated once you select the ship-to destination and level of shipping service. In-stock products typically ship within one (1) business day after you submit your order, and cannot be delivered to a post office box. If you are trying to estimate delivery dates, please note the following:

  • Payment authorization must be completed before we will ship any items.
  • We cannot guarantee next-day delivery for orders placed after 2 p.m. Pacific Time.
  • Orders ship Monday through Friday only.
  • There are no shipments or deliveries on weekends or U.S. holidays.


The Cisco Learning Network Store accepts multiple forms of payment:

  • Major credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and the Discover Card
  • Bank debit cards that have the MasterCard or Visa logo
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfers
  • Purchase orders
  • Business Cheques

If the following information does not answer your questions or you just need more help, please contact customer service.




The Cisco Learning Network Store uses PayPal PayFlow Pro services (formerly Verisign) to process credit card transactions, which includes bank debit cards that use MasterCard and Visa card services.

During the checkout process, you will be asked for your account details, including the name on your card and the billing address and phone number on your account. We will also ask for your email address so that we can send you an order confirmation. On the payment page, you will see this information displayed so that you can review or edit it, with additional information requested about your account, such as the account number and expiration date of your card.

Once you have provided and confirmed all the required information, click Place Secure Order. We will confirm your account and funds availability with your financial institution. Your order and transaction will then be completed so that your products may be made available to you. If there is an issue with your card (such as the wrong billing address), you’ll get an error message and can correct the error.




PayPal offers global Internet payment services that allow you to pay for products through a variety of credit card and bank options, while keeping your account information private during transmission and in transactions with vendors such as the Cisco Learning Network Store. Using PayPal also extends more payment options to you, providing more flexibility in your choices of how you would like to pay for products at the Cisco Learning Network Store.

When you use PayPal to purchase items from the store, you will be directed to a page that asks you to log in with your PayPal account or to create a new PayPal account. Once you log in with your PayPal account, you will be able to select a payment method you’ve already configured in PayPal or to change your PayPal options. When you finish entering your information, you will return to the Cisco Learning Network Store checkout process. You can also cancel the PayPal transaction process at any time and return to the store.




For larger orders, you may wish to do a direct cash transfer from your bank account to ours.

Please note that we must charge you a fee of $30 USD to pay our bank’s receiving transfer fee, which will be reflected in the total cost of your order. You will need to check with your bank for their fee schedule to find out how much they will charge you for sending the transfer. This sending fee may be deducted separately from your account, or some banks offer the option to add it to your transfer total.

During the checkout process, you will be asked to provide your contact information, including address, phone number, and email for order confirmation. You will be given the option to provide us with a note about your transfer. We will also give you the bank destination information needed to initiate your wire transfer. Our bank information for wire transfers is:


Bank Name:   California Bank & Trust

SWIFT Code:   CALBUS66 (Outside U.S.)

Routing #:    121002042 (Inside U.S.)

Account #:    1310076392

Beneficiary Name:    Medius

Beneficiary Address:    1800 Dobbin Dr, San Jose, CA 95133

Phone:    4085195055

Contact Email:    ciscogroup@mediuscorp.com

Bank Address:   20541 Stevens Creek Blvd. Cupertino, CA 95014

Currency:   U.S. Dollars


Finally, when you initiate your wire transfer, be certain to include your Cisco Learning Network order confirmation numbers in the wire transfer reference field for the purchase(s) you intend to pay for by wire transfer so that we know which order(s) to credit your payment to.

Please note that Medius is the order and fulfillment vendor for the Cisco Learning Network Store. Medius can process orders Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time. Because bank transfer times vary, please allow two to five business days to process and confirm wire transfers. Once your wire transfer is confirmed, you will be able to access your products and services. As an alternative, PayPal also allows the use of banking services but may save you time and bank fees. Please see the PayPal section of the Store Policies & FAQs for more information.




To buy a product using your company’s funds, you can use a purchase order. To pay by purchase order, you will be asked to provide your billing contact information, including address, phone number and email address for order confirmation. You will also be asked to provide the purchase order number you would like us to use on your invoice.

When you complete your order, you will be sent an order confirmation via email. At that time, you will need to send us your purchase order, with all of the store order numbers you wish to pay for using your purchase order. Please send your purchase order to us by mail, email, or fax:

CLN Store, Medius, 1800 Dobbin Dr, San Jose, CA 95133 USA
(Fax) +1 408 519-5002

Once we have received your purchase order, we will send you an invoice that includes information on how to complete payment.

Please note that Medius is the Cisco order and fulfillment vendor for the Cisco Learning Network Store, and can process orders Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time. Please allow two business days from the day we receive your purchase order to generate and send you an invoice. Once your invoice payment is received, we will confirm your transaction within one to two business days. Once confirmed, you will be able to access your products and services, or we will begin shipment.


To buy a product using your company’s funds, you can use check payment. To pay by check, you will also be asked to provide the order number you would like us to use on your invoice.

When you complete your order, you will be sent an order confirmation via email. At that time, you will need to send us your check, with all of the store order numbers you wish to pay for using your check. Please send your check to us by mail:

Medius, 1800 Dobbin Dr, San Jose, CA 95133 USA
(Fax) +1 408 519-5001

Once we have received your payment, we will release the order.

Please note that Medius is the Cisco order and fulfillment vendor for the Cisco Learning Network Store, and can process orders Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time. Once your invoice payment is received, we will confirm your transaction within one to two business days. Once confirmed, you will be able to access your products and services, or we will begin shipment. 



At this time, the Cisco Learning Network Store is not available via iProcure, and cannot accept Cisco interdepartmental charges. If you are a Cisco employee and wish to buy an item, we recommend you purchase using your Access Visa card, corporate credit card, or a purchase order. If you purchase using your own personal credit card, PayPal account, or wire transfer, you will need to seek your own reimbursement from Cisco. We recommend that you follow all Cisco corporate purchasing policies for purchasing and reimbursement (refer to the Cisco Employee Connection website for guidance). Be certain to log in with your employee CEC/Cisco.com ID when making the purchase, which may entitle you to discounts, and will help ensure that our accounting reports for Cisco are accurate.



Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) can be redeemed on the Cisco Learning Network Store only for Cisco-owned products at a rate of 1 CLC to $100 (USD).

To redeem Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs), please send your request to clnstoreclc@cisco.com and include the following:

  1. Sales Order (SO) numbers you would like to redeem credits from
  2. Titles of products you would like to redeem the credits for
  3. Part numbers of the products
  4. Quantities of the products.

Keep in mind CLCs can only be redeemed for Cisco-owned products.

Once your SO has successfully been debited the required CLCs, you will receive an email with 100% off coupon codes and redemption instructions for the products you have selected.




Regardless of which payment type you use, when you complete the order process, you will receive an order confirmation number on the screen, in email, and in your Order Status & History page on the store website (if you were logged into the store at the time of purchase). The Order Status & History page displays the status of your transaction. Once the transaction is complete and confirmed, your products and services will be made available or shipped to you.

Is it possible to purchase training for another Cisco User ID?

Yes, you can process an order for another employee during checkout by entering the end user’s email address and Cisco.com User ID (CCOID).For example, a purchasing agent may purchase training and register a number of distinct learners.

Note that while credit card, debit card, and PayPal order processing is automated and immediate, wire transfers and purchase orders require more time. Refer to the payment options section for more information.



When you request a refund for an item you have purchased before delivery has been completed or accepted, it is generally considered a return

In the case of an electronically downloaded product or online application, this is a request for a refund prior to you receiving or accessing the product. For scheduled offers, like classes, you will not have taken the class, and you must meet drop policy conditions. In the case of a physical product, you may not have received the item or the item may have arrived in a damaged condition. In these cases, please contact customer service as soon as possible.

The drop policy for scheduled classes require that reschedules or refunds are only granted if you contact customer service and request to be dropped prior to 14 days before the class begins. If you request to be dropped at 14 days or less before class beginning, we cannot refund your money, but may offer you an alternative class date and location, if available.

To return an unused item or service, we require that your make your request to us by contacting customer service within 30 days of purchase. We will refund your money once we have validated that you have not accessed your product, or that you meet the class drop policies, or once we have received your return shipment to us. You may be responsible for return shipping charges.

If you have decided that you have purchased the wrong product or the wrong quantity, do not use your product, and contact customer service immediately. Returns completed within the same business day may be considered a cancelled sale rather than a return.

We will make the best effort to refund your money in the same method and to the same account you used to pay for your purchase, and refund processing usually begins within 48 hours (United States Pacific Time) of your request. The one exception is United States wire transfers. If you paid using wire transfer from a U.S. bank, we will attempt to refund your money via check to the billing address and contact provided within the order. If you wish to receive a return wire transfer instead, you must request that at the time of your refund request. Note that wire transfer funds are non-refundable from both your bank and ours, and therefore, you will be responsible for both sending and receiving fees a second time, and we will deduct our fees (US $30) from your refund.

If you are an international customer that paid by wire transfer requesting a refund, by default, we will return your funds to you via wire transfer, with the US $30 transfer fee deducted from your refund. If you would prefer to receive a check for your refund, please request a check when you make your request for refund, and we will send it to the billing address and contact information that you provided in the order.


Consistent with other electronic delivery products, the Cisco Learning Network Store has a no refund policy

Certain other products and services that are scheduled or are subscription-based may provide for a refund, reschedule, or credit if we cancel it before delivery is complete, and we may contact the buyer and/or the user of the product to notify you if this should happen. Always refer to the product, program, or service terms and conditions, or the end-user license agreement (EULA) for more information. Or contact customer service.


If you request a refund after downloading files, accessing an application, taking a class or receiving and using a physical product, this is generally considered a request for a guarantee refund.

The Cisco Learning Network Store team would like you to have the best possible experience with the products and services you buy. While each product or service may have its own specific return and guarantee policies, the store generally does not grant refunds on products that have already been used.

If you have a problem with your product or service, we recommend you contact us so that we can help resolve the issue

For questions or concerns, please contact our customer service team.



During the checkout process, you may be requested to accept a terms and conditions agreement. If you are presented with this option, it means that your acceptance is required for you to purchase and use the product or service. When you accept the terms and complete the order, the version of the agreement, as well as the date and time of your acceptance and purchase, is saved in our records. You may preview, review, or copy the terms at any time by clicking here.



Cisco cares about the proper use and protection of your personal information. For more information about Cisco privacy policies, you can also read Cisco's Privacy Statement.

Communications and Opt-in Policies

When you make a purchase from the Cisco Learning Network Store, we use the information you provide to process your order. We will send you email to confirm your order and may need to contact you by phone, postal mail, or email if we have questions about your order. We respect your privacy and will not sell or rent your information to third parties or market to you without your permission.

During a transaction, you may be asked for communication preferences regarding Cisco.com, the Cisco Learning Network and our partners. Should you decide to change your communication preferences at a later time, simply log in to Cisco.com and/or the Cisco Learning Network, go to your profile, and change your options.


For your convenience, we use cookies that help us recognize you during future trips or orders on the store. The cookie will remember your system, access level and preferences-it is not used to record any personal information. The cookies are encrypted using 128-bit encryption and cannot be read by any other webpage. The cookie itself actually contains no personal information; it is just a unique identifier for the Cisco Learning Network Store to recognize your browser.

Cisco.com ID and Other Account Information

In some cases, we may need you to provide identifying information to validate that you are entitled to purchase, receive, or use a particular product or application. In these cases, we may ask you for your Cisco.com ID or other identifier, such as a Cisco Certified Systems Instructor (CCSI) number. As with all other personal information, this information will be kept confidential and used only in support of processing your order and delivering your products and services to you.



Cisco is highly concerned with protecting the security of our customers and their information, and in systems such as e-commerce that handle financial information, this is of highest importance.


This site must follow many stringent security requirements as part of Cisco.com, with controls and practices including but not limited to:


PCI compliance. We are Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant, subject to an annual review process. Secure communications. We use HTTPS 128-bit encryption and FTP secure socket layer (SSL) to secure communication to and from the store. Data storage. Our databases are physically and logically secured, using Oracle database solutions. We do not store your complete credit card account information, and PayPal transactions share only the PayPal transaction ID and address. Physical security. We actively destroy physical records, such as your faxed purchase orders.



The Cisco Learning Network Store offers customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in up to 17 languages for support of our global customers. For more information on how to contact our customer service department, view the Contacts & Feedback page.


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