Instructor Kit Membership

The CCSI IK Membership offers certified instructors the complete package of presentation, preparation, and instructional materials that is required to deliver Cisco curriculum. It includes instructional materials for Entry, Associate, Professional-level and Specialized courses.
Cisco Authorized Instructor Kits include the Instructor Slides (IS), Student Learning Guide (SLG), Course Administration Guide (CAG) and supporting documents (if applicable) to deliver the course. Once a membership is purchased, instructor kits will be available to access and for download at any time for the duration of the membership.

Accessing IK Content

Once the IK Membership is purchased, CCSIs will automatically receive access to the instructor kits where they have met the course teaching requirements.
CCSIs must use the Cisco Learning Network Space (CLNSp) tool to access the course content including Instructor Slides that is used for class delivery for courses where they meet current certification requirements. Course certification requires fulfilling all requirements for the specific training course, as described in the CAG or Course Information Library and reflected in the CIMS CCSI profile.
CCSIs can also request access to any course for preparation by submitting a course request in CCSI Instructor Management System (CIMS) and access E-Learning content. Click here for more details.


Q. Why am I unable to click the Add to Cart option when trying to purchase my Instructor Kit Membership?
A. In order to become eligible to purchase the Instructor Kit (IK) Membership, the instructor status should be in “ICP pass,” “Active,” or “XCTA.” Please validate your CCSI status by logging in to the CIMS. You may reach out to with any questions.

Q. Where can I go for help with problems renewing my Instructor Kit (IK) membership, or accepting the CCSI Agreement?
A. If you are having any issues with your Instructor Kit (IK) membership purchases or accepting the CCSI Agreement, please open a support case with Learning@Cisco Centralized Support and select Cisco Learning Network Store from the selected products drop down menu. For any urgent escalations, feel free to copy

Q. Where can I find information about my membership expiration date?
A. You may review your CIMS profile under the CCSI Membership section to find out the Instructor Kit expiration date.
Q. What if I leave my Cisco Learning Partner and go to another Learning Partner? Will my membership transfer with me?
A. Yes, your membership will transfer with you. Cisco provides access to the Instructor Kit during the length of your subscription. Your access to your Instructor Kit content will be revoked only if you are out of compliance with the CCSI program policies or if you let your membership expire.

Q. What is the digital kit, and how can I access the CLNSp platform?
A. The Cisco Learning Network Space is a digital learning platform built to offer instant user access to training information, course materials, and exam preparation resources. This customizable, personal learning environment provides you with your content, when you want it, and how you want it delivered. Please visit for more information.

Q. I am no longer able to access RMS/Locklizard, where can I find Instructor slides and course entitlements?
A. Locklizard and RMS has been End of Life in year 2021. CCSIs can now visit Cisco Learning Network Space (CLNSp)/eReader and go to the ‘My Entitlements’ option to find the Instructor Kit content.

Q. I do not know how to navigate CLNSp/eReader to access my Instructor Kit content. Is there a resource available?
A. Yes. Please visit following the link for the eReader Presenter view user guide: Cisco Learning Network.

Q. My Cisco Learning Partner system administrator informed me that my status is “PCTA.” What are the steps to accept the CTA agreement?
A. Here are the steps to accept the CTA agreement:
  • 1) Log in to the CLN Store My Account page.
  • 2) Click ‘Sign CTA’ tab in front of the most recent Premium Instructor Kit membership order. This will lead you to the CCSI Agreement page.
  • 3) Review the CCSI Membership Agreement, check the 'I agree' check box, and click ‘Agree’ button.