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Instructor Kits

The Cisco Certified Systems Instructor (CCSI) Membership and Instructor Kit Fulfillment Programs allow memberships to be purchased from the Cisco Learning Network Store. CCSI Membership allows instructors to download any required instructor kits.

Memberships available for purchase are:

  1. Premium Instructor Kit membership provides access to all instructor kits except those in restricted Special Practices (i.e. Cisco Expert Training).
  2. Instructor Certification Program (ICP) Kit membership for newly hired instructor candidates preparing for the ICP Event for ICND1 and ICND2. This ICP membership is mandatory.

Learning Partner Admins can purchase instructor kits memberships for their instructors and ICP candidates. Authorized CCSIs will also be able to purchase their own premium membership.

Cisco Authorized Instructor Kits include the Instructor Guide, Student Guide, Lab Guide, Course Administration Guide and supporting documents (if applicable) to deliver the course.

Once a membership is purchased, access to instructor kits will be available for download during the duration of the membership.

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Access Duration: 365 days

The CCSI Fundamentals course offers a complete learning package consisting of presentation, preparation, instructional materials and interactive labs, all of which are required to prepare a new candidate for the CCSI Instructor Certification Program (ICP) event and is a great resource for the Learning Partner administrators to understand the CCSI Program.


The Cisco Instructor Certification Program (ICP) Assessment Event is intended for candidates who want to become a Certified Cisco Systems Instructor (CCSI).

Access Duration: 365 days

The CCSI Instructor Kit Membership offers certified instructors the complete package of presentation, preparation, and instructional materials that is needed to deliver Cisco curriculum.