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Cisco Technology Training for Collaboration

Cisco Technology Training for Collaboration

Access Duration:
365 days

    Organized around key networking technologies, Cisco Technology Training* gives your community subscribers access to a wide range of intermediate and advanced level internal TAC training resources. The same resources used to educate Cisco’s world-renowned TAC Engineers.

    Cisco Technology Training

    Topics addressed in our collaboration package include Cisco Telepresence Solutions, Video, Cable, and Content Delivery, Voice and Unified Communications.  For a more detailed description of the topics included in this package, please review our data sheet at this link.

    As an e-learning portal that includes a variety of training modules on Cisco devices and technologies, Cisco Technology Training is designed to enable professionals to access just- in-time training on a variety of topics, without leaving their offices.  Cisco Technology Training was specifically developed to meet the needs of those who want training, but do not require or have the time for an in-depth, instructor-led training class. Field technicians, for example, who manage a variety of Cisco products, will find the portal useful because many titles focus on break-fix topics.

    Training Formats

    The e-learning titles on Cisco Technology Training come in different formats, referred to as “delivery methods”.  These formats are:

    • E-learning: Training is delivered in the form of presentations with audio or video on demand
    • Visual Product Information: These detailed descriptions are used for identifying hardware and retrieving information using high-resolution images of Cisco products combined with detailed specs; these are sometimes supported with audio and video.
    • Visual Instructions: Detailed descriptions include graphics and Flash animation for performing onsite upgrade and remedial services on Cisco products.
    • Lab Demonstrations: Practical exercise walk-throughs are presented as videos on demand giving detailed, guided demonstrations for deploying and operating Cisco products.
    • Review Questions: Assessments help ensure student’s comprehension of the training materials.

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    *Cisco Technology Training subscriptions through the Cisco Learning Network Store are single user license purchases only. "Alias" signups and the sharing of User IDs for Cisco Technology Training is prohibited under our terms of service, and may result in the termination of your subscription. For enquiries about multiple user licenses please click here.

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    Cisco Technology Training