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Industrial Networking

These courses focus on preparing you for Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist certification.

The Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist certification is for information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) professionals in the manufacturing, process control, and oil and gas industries who install, maintain, and troubleshoot industrial network systems.

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Access Duration: 365 days

Networking Fundamentals for Industrial Control Systems (INICS)

This course is designed to teach Industrial Engineers and Control System Technicians basic IP and networking concepts. It covers an introduction to protocols, concepts in networking and introductory overview of Automation industry Protocols.

$ 99.00

Access Duration: 365 days

Control Systems Fundamentals for Industrial Networking (ICINS)

This course is designed to teach IT and Network Engineers basic concepts in Industrial Control systems. It covers an introduction to automation industry verticals, automation environment and introductory overview of the industrial control networks.

$ 99.00